By shoopbadeewoop - / Saturday 8 March 2014 21:43 /
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  SemiAuto  |  21

And if you lost your phone that way?

By  BassTurdo  |  22

Sorry, that sucks op. Hope insurance covers it.

  freckleface221  |  19

Who do you know with cell phone insurance?

  SgtAssCheeks  |  21

No joke there is a cell phone insurance around my place that you can insure your phone for 20$ per year and its covered against theft, break, lost and just about every other accidental mishaps. You recieve a brand new one.


$20 a year? I think I'm being cheated! Mine is like $5 or $8 a month or something. It's protected against everything though, so I can get a new one if anything at all happens to it.

  Toriahh  |  21

Seriously? Insurance with verizon is like $5 a month and they told me I would have to pay $170 just to get a new phone because of a small hairline fracture.


Mine isn't through my service provider. I can't remember who it's through at the moment, but the store I got it at sold it (way better than the plan from the provider!) They said it was covered against everything. Theft, water damage, and all that other good stuff.

By  khaoticpanda  |  28

Cant tell you how many times iv done this same thing, but in wet grass. Never felt dumber, OP.

  SgtAssCheeks  |  21

By the time the phone will be recovered, the battery will have completely drained out so no power will get into the phone, therefore water in your cellphone is harmless if you dry it afterwards

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