FML - The follow-up

Today, instead of taking down the Christmas tree, my sister covered it with Valentine's Day decorations. FML

lolcat97 Say more :
I'm the OP, and I'm glad this got published! For those wondering, it is a fake tree. And it was actually because of my laziness that I had her take it down because I never got around to it. That is when she came up with her "brilliant" idea to cover it with Valentine's Day decorations, which my parents did not seem too impressed with haha.
By lolcat97 / Wednesday 28 January 2015 22:35 / United States - Hyde Park
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  Just_A_Tree  |  20

You guys never asked if it were Halloween decorations... In other news, the school bully has gone missing and is presumed to have ran away... Life is good today.

By  ohfortheloveof  |  4

WOW i love christmas bu t come on!

  lexa1love  |  16

I'm guessing you don't realize that religions decorated trees before Christianity began? Ya, google a Yule tree. I would also like to point out that I called it a decorative tree, not a christmas tree.


Today, I sneezed and ended up in the emergency room. How? Apparently the sneeze dislodged a kidney stone that is now slowly, painfully working its way from my kidney to my bladder so that I can piss it out. FML

By work_while_bent - / Tuesday 2 June 2015 17:21 / United States - San Luis Obispo

Today, I made microwaveable popcorn. When the bag finished popping, I took it out and opened it and put my face in close to get a big whiff. It now feels like I have third degree burns inside my nose and behind my eyes. FML

By AlbertEinstein_ - / Monday 16 July 2012 19:21 / Ireland
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