By Anonymous / Thursday 13 February 2014 15:20 / United States - Reno
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  LadySalazara  |  6

No comment!

By  mkcontrollers  |  11

Hmmm. I don't even know what to say.

  Nastorrian  |  11

Why comment then?

By  macystar  |  14

And how did she take that?

By  redneckpride  |  8

Tasted like ass

  Nastorrian  |  11


By  micgelleya  |  15

poor kitty

By  Turbo_Turtle  |  14

That.... I have no clue what to say.

By  smokecloud_  |  37

Kissy kissy!!

  Nastorrian  |  11

You went there.. You did it... Was wondering when someone would..

By  ironichalibut  |  24

You should go to the doctor, cats have a bacteria on them that makes people go crazy, it's toxo-something.

  Nastorrian  |  11

Yea, I hate when I get that TOXO-SOMETHING. Drives me crazy.


It's Toxoplasmosis, It doesn't make you go crazy. Just makes you more social and fearless so you are more likely to infect others. Also makes you exhausted as hell. I know because i had it and Glandular Fever (The kissing disease) during my HSC year. I never owned a cat, there are other ways, you can get it from poorly prepared food, and making out with strangers who have it.


It is a parasite, Sometimes won't show up on the first blood test, and it never leaves your system completely was what they told me. Also gives you a 70% chance of having male offspring.

  Nastorrian  |  11

@56: that whole male offspring thing true? I have five daughters and that almost seems worth getting just for that perk. Knowing my luck it be another girl tho. But not worth it If the birth defects rumor is true. Not like we're going to have any more children tho. But still.

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