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Hopefully, it's a very high end bottle of wine, so OP can go buy a cake from CakeBoss. If its a cheapo, then I guess OP could always eat a 99c Walmart cupcake.


If anyone is familiar with the game "Portal", or just wants an amazingly moist, rich and delicious chocolate cake, Google "Portal cake recipe". I made one for my gamer friend and it was phenomenal. I am yet to make another; I just need an appropriate situation.

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You could always use it as a decoration? Just get a cool wine rack and you're all set! And if you're worried about drinking it you could let your friends drink it for you and then you'd still have the bottle to say you won.


It was an example to show how it wouldn't be a smart idea since he's a recovering alcoholic. Not on whether people actually decorate with food. You think I don't know people don't decorate with food? It's not really necessary to nit-pick everything, you know?

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