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did you know that there is something called anti-cream and anti-burn cream too!?! use it sir and it will make the pain go away :)


Were you sitting on a fireant mound naked? fireants are a fact of life here in Florida. How could you not feel the 10+ fireants crawling on you? Your nick should be NumbButt.


"Hey baby Im no liar, You better stop drop n' roll cuz your BUTT'S ON FIRE!" Anyone get my reference? :]


sen·sa·tion    /sɛnˈseɪʃən/ –noun 1. the operation or function of the senses; perception or awareness of stimuli through the senses. Herp a durr.

Get some of that cream that you can rub on your ass to stop the burning and itching. I forget the name...

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