By wasted_gas / Saturday 5 October 2013 16:00 / United States - Cumming
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  scarface90  |  8

Unless OP has Alzheimer's, this has YDI all over it

  imawesomeokay  |  15

If Op has Alzheimer's, it's not Op's fault.. You do know Alzheimer's is a disease, right?

  Since1998  |  20

its more irrispobisibility and a little bit of lying to make it seem the fault of forgetfulness. Really after being in a routine for so long, its pretty hard to forget about your baby in a car. Also, its an extremely low hit to make a comment like that.

  blade4080  |  7

#111, it doesnt matter what the excuse is, even in routine, people still forget that stuff. When innocent children die because of idiocracy, it doesnt matter what the excuse is. It is still a parent that left their child in the car, and this is exactly what this person has done in a sense. They left their pet at home when making the drive FOR the pet, which in my mind is completely stupid of the op.

  Enslaved  |  36

Most likely it won't be that big of a deal for a dog, especially if they were "crate trained" properly.
I know my cat would be miserable if he was stuck in a carrier longer than he had to be.
And it sucks that the OP didn't even check on his pet during that long drive to make sure he was okay. Dogs love car rides, cats do not.

  Mifflicious  |  18

"Dogs love car rides, cats do not."
Seriously, do you know anything about animals?
There are tons of dogs that hates car rides so much they'd rather eat a hedgehog than go into a car, and cats that are enjoying going for a ride. Talking like every animal of the same species are alike makes you sound a bit too uneducated considering that you have a cat of your own.

  Since1998  |  20

@ #79 Actually... Even my cat extremely dreads car rides while my dog loves them. Every turn we take and every time we brake, he would let out an uncomfortable mew and look depressed. My dog on the other hand extremely enjoyed them and loved to stick his head out the window in the summer wind. Yes some animals are different, but from the majority of the people I know who have either animal, their cats usually dislike car rides while their dogs love them. I feel this is an educated answer, and hopefully you feel the same.

  Mifflicious  |  18

And that's not how it is for me.
My dog doesn't mind car rides, yes, but most of my friends dogs have problems with it, some of them since they haven't been trained properly. My cat on the other hand enjoyed car rides.
It's still quite a narrow-minded thing to say that "All of this kind of species does and think like this".

  TwistedCherub1  |  15

Every animal is different. My last cat, Jello, would try to go everywhere I went. She'd ride on my shoulder and make herself dizzy watching objects fly by. I don't know if she'd like a carrier though.

  JaegerMayCry  |  12

Maybe the cats not the only pussy that needs attention?


Today, my cat managed to digest some of the grass she ate. This makes her poop come out daisy-chained, and sometimes leaves a piece dangling from her ass on a string of grass. Then she runs around like crazy until it falls off, if possible on my bed. I had to catch her and pull it out by hand. FML

By DeeZeeMb - / Monday 7 December 2015 21:04 / Slovenia - Maribor
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