By gorillalove / Saturday 11 September 2010 19:25 / United States
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  ortega_fml  |  0

ydi for being a sl*t.

  bigbadtim  |  7

FYI Monkeys and gorillas are two different species of animal, and are not related to each other.

  omfgrofl1337  |  0

haah its ironic cuz im using a google pic too but im not impersonating, its for laughs. but yea 117 dont use izzis pics, faking is dumb. ive talked to her before and faking is pretty much her biggest pet peeve

  Melaniee_fml  |  0

actually animals have sex instinctively for reproduction, they do not do it for pleasure. (although I guess that would be a nice bonus). and I can't really see this being true.

  schnitzel5  |  0


  chark16  |  0

That's not entirely true. Bonobos for example engage in sexual behavior for pleasure much the same way humans do. Additionally, zoologists have been known to teach various primates in captivity how to masturbate so they can then collect the sperm and use it for artificial insemination.

  ZeroMachine  |  3

Explain dogs humping legs then. Or that masturbating turtle that I saw on youtube. How the hell do we know animals don't have sex for pleasure? Are scientists handing out questionnaires or something? Of course they do it to procreate, but who's to say they don't just do it because it feels good? They just might not be as frequently horny as primates. I have to assume most quadrupeds don't masturbate because they lack the opposeable digits.


Aah, and suddenly the high incidence of summertime bridge crashes is explained. Here I thought there was a weird black ice phenomenon in the local riverbank microclimate.

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