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  DrMime  |  17

Hey OP, do you also watch the stars on your computer screen? Text your girl/boyfriend when you're next to them? Or tweet about a roller coaster ride while you're on it???

  Matty1188  |  17

Or maybe they're in a heated bus shelter and several buses go by that stop. This is why I almost missed my bus today. And maybe I was playing a game on my iPod. Oops.

  DrMime  |  28

Ya I know right??!?! And the crap they're feeding these busses too!!! Corn based bio fuel??? Forget smog!!! These busses is farting everywhere!!! OP if you couldn't hear that bus farting like a fat school boy on burrito day, then you must be deaf!!!

  DrMime  |  24

This thread. Can't decide if it's win or fail, but then again I'm half retarded, so I'm leaning towards win! And the edge of my booster chair...

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