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If it makes you feel better, if your windshield cracked just from you hitting, it was probably just about ready to give out anyway.


I feel for you. The same relative thing happened to me when I tried to kill off a mosquito one night in my girlfriend's car. She was so pissed at me. I didn't think it possible but I managed to bash the sucker with the bony part of my wrist and, being that a windshield is clear and at an angle, I didn't judge very accurately how far I'd be thrusting my hand. It was like Karate... only with more fail.


Something similar happened to me but I had kicked the windshield. My boyfriend and I were arguing and I got so pissed that I kicked the windshield and broke it. After seeing what I had done, we immediately started cracking up and the fight was over. And I had a broken windshield and had to pay to replace it. Anyways, yes I see how this could happen but not really likely with just a swat!

By  Occam

"I saw a bug on the floor so I set the house on fire to kill it. I paid $250,000 to kill a bug. FML" A little flaw in the logic there. Reminds me of the guy that though he got ticketed for "wanting a yellow highlighter".


A house costs only $250,000? Here in Singapore, even a 3-bedroom apartment costs at least S$400,000, which is about USD$320,000.

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