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A. It was MY vibrator, not my moms... B. I'm 19 years old, not too old to still live with your parents and old enough to own a vibrator (though i didnt know there was an age where you had to be "old enough") , to the rest of you, im glad my misery and embarrassment added some laughter to your day :) this website is great for that :)
By lifesux17 - / Friday 27 February 2009 02:25 / United States
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  Gfrigo  |  1

Today, I asked my wife If she had any double a batteries. she told me to check our daughters vibrator, I already did. now I can't find any double a batteries. FML

  Shi_Yosei  |  6

a fml*
You only use an if the word starts with a vowel (:

  punkchica123  |  0

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