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By  rlTlk

Same thing happened to me last year =[[ nice to know I'm loved, respected or seen as an adult.My relatives kept asking what year I was in high school then wouldn't believe me when I told them no I'm sophomore in college, then when I'd try to talk them they do that I'm talking to a child thing, act like they're being so patient letting me interrupt the adult conversation to say something. on a separate note/tangent I don't get why the fuck anyone would try to exclude their kids even if t

Ditto. My extended family stopped getting together years ago (thank God) and I was never at the adult table, although a much, much younger cousin was deemed "a woman" and given the honor. She was also allowed in the kitchen with the "women" to help cook while I was designated a "child" and kept out (she was still a teenager, I truly was a grown woman). Guess who was the one-person cleanup committee for a family of 25, though? Yep. Got stuck washing every dish (


I'm 36 and still sit at the kids table. I'm married have 2 kids....until you are no longer considered "a kid" you will always sit at the kid table!

It blows when parrents make you sit at kids table. That's when you leave and go grab a bottle Jack, and eat your turkey and biscuts alone. The life.

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