By Anonymous - / Friday 21 August 2015 08:33 / United States - San Francisco
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  Marcella1016  |  26

Kinda still feel like OP deserves it. For her instinct to be to kick the cat in her dream, who knows what does IRL. I rarely hit YDI but this is one of them. I have two cats and would never dream of kicking them.

Edit - Pun not intended, but I guess it works here haha


Well, to be fair, dreams can be pretty fucking weird. I once dreamed I was stealing cars, exploding cop cars and then in the end I turned out to be in the body of Jim Carrey. It doesn't mean I do it in real life or have an urge to do so.

Except being Jim Carrey, though...

  RebeccaRFT  |  18

What if she doesn't even have a cat? And plus if she would treat a cat that way I doubt she'd have a cat if she hated them so much. I don't see how it's a YDI

  brand125  |  17

50 - sorry i get what your trying to say but its not fair to judge someone based off of what they do in a dream, thats actually stupid. ive done so many random things in dreams i wouldnt actually do in real life...

  inutaru  |  14

#50 you're assuming OP drop kicks their cat on a regular basis? seriously? because when my cat doesn't want to listen I give him a light boot to the butt, which can also be classified as kicking my cat..........

  simply_meeeee  |  26

...I thought your joke was funny


Welcome to the hate-ridden website that is FML. Seriously, say something in the slightest that anyone decides they don't like (even if it's a funny post that got top comment on a similar FML) and you'll get down-voted into the abyss.

By  yoursucklives  |  36

fuck your husbands life. but it isn't really your fault, you were asleep after all!
i hope you didn't hit him too hard and that he recoverd fast! :)

  TDKopecki  |  16

Of course it wasn't her fault! It was her husband's fault 100%.

  reklawelyk  |  15

This is why I hate fml. #3 gives her honest, reasonable opinion and gets down voted because if a person on this site has a slightly different opinion or misspells a word even, they get down voted by the self-righteous, egotistical, pricks of fml.

  chrisbeaudoin  |  26

Your husbands side of the story: this morning i woke up to my wife kicking me in the nuts for no reason.

  buckstop1  |  37

Actually it's impossible to have balls of steal. Your balls are supported only by a thin layer of skin, so there's no way you could have to steel balls in your scrotom

By  klawzor  |  17

What a pussy.

By  HeadlessSparrow  |  20

F the cat's life in the dream!

  squeekstir  |  10

You must be a special kind of stupid

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