By Anonymous / Saturday 24 November 2012 13:59 / United States
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By  watermelon1  |  34

At least he didn't call you a whale, and then throw the toy at you.

By  illmatic2  |  16

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  DENlAL  |  2

OP wasn't necessarily F'ing with him..
Was just correcting him, because chances are they way older than 4, and you'd assume they'd know the difference between sharks and whales. It was an FML because all OP did was correct them and next thing you know, they then found out how it feels when toys are launched at your face.

  alliewillie  |  22

Honestly, welcome to the world of small children. Anyone whose ever had one/lived with one/babysat one would tell you suck it up, that's how they can be.

Life = not f*cked.

  DENlAL  |  2

49- I'm being realistic. Not everything has to be sarcasm, nor seriously taken. We all have opinions.
I've had a toddler throw toys at me, and it does not feel good. Its FML for OP because he was only correcting and the toddler responded in a painful way.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

90-my name is a reference to a band named senses fail who drew it from becoming one with nature until your senses fail. And it seems everyone's sense of sarcasm is failing because at the end I turned it off and showed I was being overly dramatic. Sorry if people didn't pick up on it, but I see many reasons why whales are not sharks and didn't think commenters cynical enough to think I actually believed the bullshit I was spewing.

By  FrozenIceHawk  |  7

This is a tough one... Ima go with FYL, but keep in mind that this kid is only 4 and may have certain tendencies. Like throwing things when he's wrong.

  wallandpiece  |  16

Obviously the right thing to do is correct him. It's important to make sure kids learn facts otherwise it's likely they'll be stupid and / or ignorant later in life.

  Sandman366  |  6

This isn't a tough one...Ima go with "thumb down", but keep in mind children should know the difference between a whale and a shark. Maybe should keep that temper in check as he grows up.

By  konstantinos616  |  17

Ahhh, the youth of America...

By  watermelon1  |  34

At least he didn't call you a whale, and then throw the toy at you.

By  fridabloman  |  3

Well, don't correct a four year old

  Noxialis  |  9

@59 - They usually end up as dicks either way.

By  mommy_me  |  4

dumb ass cousin of yours

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