By Anonymous / Saturday 11 June 2011 22:36 / United States
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By  stun23  |  8



I'd throw that cat out the window.


and you would keep a pet like that why?!?! I think he needs to take a trip to the vet...and not come back

  denbeste  |  3

#2 FAIL. not even funny. try harder. kthxbai!

  krissy707  |  4

it's being not beiing

  wrigleys  |  4

i had to look that up, makes sense now, but i thought he just accidentally stepped on the keyboard or something and ignored it. oh and yh, i totally despise it now that i know what it is :D

By  modelmefamous  |  0

my dog does the same to me. your pussys just out of control.


202, you're really pathetic. Last night, I looked at your bio and it clearly said, "Yes that is me in the picture :]", and I'm sure many others saw it too. And now you're trying to cover up your lies by deleting that from your bio? You truly are the definition of fail.

  salvorican  |  24

I've taken her to the vet for urinary tract infections before. She got better and stopped peeing on beds. But then she moved on to peeing on the couch.. She's spoiled so I don't understand why she's like that

  salvorican  |  24

I yell at her when I catch her doin it. She runs off and does it again every few weeks. I honestly think she just enjoys leaving lil surprises for me to find later.. And purposely wipes her ass on the floor when I'm around. There's even skid marks on the floor.. I can't stand her and I don't think ima be able to keep her

By  1215116a  |  14

Looks like that pussy dosent like you.

By  MilkShakez  |  0

maybe you should keep your pussy happy and finger him more often


Today, I had a call to the rodent rescue I run. They wanted to know if we had any mice for adoption and how much they cost. I told them that we had over 30 mice, and that we don't charge but do take donations. They said, "That's fantastic! I've been struggling to find snake food that isn't frozen!" FML

By bekkylove22 / Wednesday 27 May 2015 08:45 / United Kingdom - London
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