By Mr.P / Friday 21 October 2011 15:35 / United States
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  margie2194  |  12

Are YOU okay?


Hahahahahaha #15 your so funny...................................NOT -_-

  My_Nightmare  |  19

Ah, assuming you live in the UK that makes a lot more sense. Americans wouldn't typically get that play on words. This makes your comment comical now. You deserve a thumbs up ^_^

  My_Nightmare  |  19

You're probably right. I think other cultures use that term as well it just isn't very popular in America. Hence my confusion. I've heard the term before but didn't associate it in that way until you brought it up.

By  RebekahBrooke  |  9

At least.... well, okay, there's no silver lining.

  perdix  |  29

There is a silver lining, but you have to look real hard for it. In all the commotion, he probably missed his favorite show, so when it comes on as a rerun in a few weeks, it will be brand new to him!

By  Ikickmidgets  |  11

newspaper, shock collar and cage.


I've had many dogs and nothing stops a rowdy dog like a few volts ;)


63 - i hate people who treat animals like that. and then say 'well its just an animal'. it may be an animal but it still has feelings and can feel pain. what if someone put a collar around your neck and shocked you everytime you were bad ?

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