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#50<--- this guy gets it. Handcuffs all have a very simple locking system and are by far the easiest locks to pick. All you need is a paper clip or a hair beret.

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This doesn't make sense. OP didn't say he was pretending. He legitly lost the key. He didn't lie about it at all

Handcuffs have universal keys. Just buy another pair and use that key to unlock them- unless you wanna bring your kids by the police department to get them unlocked.


There's a cheaper way. Take something thin and long and push it into the slot where the serrated hand goes into the locking mechanism. Push the latch inward and just open them. Yes, it is really that easy.


Cheaper then buying another set of cuffs just go to a police/EMS uniform store handcuff keys are like a dollar unless you want fancy ones for five dollars


A criminal who unlocks his handcuffs will at best still be locked in the back of a squad car with two armed cops up front, and I don't think subs opening their cuffs without their dom's approval is a danger to society

You can tighten them up pretty Damn well...I suppose there could be chance they could slip their hands through but it would probably be quite painful for them. Hopefully they've managed to stay calm through the ordeal OP. Good luck

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