By SomeoneElse - / Tuesday 14 July 2009 13:39 / United Kingdom
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  cucuto89  |  0

Cool Story BRo

  My2864  |  1

who says its fake guiratars arw normally lined up so if ya knock one over they all go but seriously 2500 for 3 broken ones and 6 damaged? cheap ass guitars much?

  TomPusslicker  |  20

you dont have to buy the guitars. they should have cameras to show u did nothing wrong, and so its not ur job to find the asshole....unless ur a cop lol. i was at a pawn shop looking at guitars. i picked up a really nice one i wanted, and it broke when i tried to tune it. the owner wanted me to pay for it cuz 'i' broke it. i told him to call the cops on me or im leaving. sort of related, but the point is that its not your problem.

  TomPusslicker  |  20

So what you're say is.... since im a pretty big guy, i could just pick someone up and toss them into a pile of merchandise, destroying it all....and its not my fault? The guy i threw is responsible since he technically was the one that physically destroyed the products?


I know. I can't stand people going around and hugging random people, especially if I'm the target. I would have probably ripped the person's head off if it was me. P.S. You all just lost the game.

By  islaphippos  |  0

im sure they have cameras, if they dont ydi :)

  Kylias  |  6

How is it a YDI if they didn't have cameras? When you go into a place, do you first yell, "HEI, DO YOU GUYS HAVE SECURITY CAMERAS? SORRY, I JUST DON'T WANT SOME STUPIDFUCK JUMPING ON MY BACK AND MAKING ME DESTROY YOUR MERCHANDISE. OH, YOU DON'T? OKAY, THEN, BYE." I sincerely hope you don't do that.

  turkishjew  |  0

I don't know about that. rules are rules and sucky or not he has to be a man and pay. It does suck that that guy made him do it but someone has to pay or eventually the shop would be losing a lot of money and close. if I were him I'd pay, find the guy and use the guitar peices to beat the living shit out him him. money well spent

By  emer_helena  |  0

Aw thats horrible FYL. And to the people saying to look at the security footage, how are they going to find the guy who did it to make him pay? And the shop wont pay to get them fixed so...

  starberries  |  0

It doesn't matter to the OP whether they find the person responsible or not. It is simply not OP's fault. Sucks for the shop, but they can't make him pay just because someone attacked him.

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