By Nanny - / Thursday 30 April 2009 17:42 / United States
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and you shouldn't act like a dipshit just to make her feel better unless u want to be corrected more


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i was just gonna say that. just because she has a speech impediment doesn't mean she doesn't know the proper way to speak. I'm sure her parents speak to her correctly. If she had a lisp, would you talk with a lisp as well??


I've had a speech impediment since I was little and I have made the honor roll ever since they started giving letter grades YDI fir being an idiot

First of all, speech impediment does not mean stupid. And the four year old is obviously a hell of a lot smarter than you. Speak proper English, you fucking moron. Honours program? LOL yeah, I believe that. If you were in the honours program, you wouldn't speak like a fucking hick.

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