By maxkeyftw - / Thursday 17 October 2013 05:06 / United States - Clovis
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By  Faddyy6  |  17

he was trying to calm you down

  puggypark  |  14

If your teeth starts to ache from the cavity fill OP, take painkillers and rest.

  buckeyed  |  20

Did OP check the dentist's diploma? If she went to beadentistnow.com, maybe she thinks those are the official names of the tools. Seems to be a trend here...

By  graceinsheepwear  |  33

My little sister got to choose from several filling "types" when she was getting her first filling at around age 6. It was a number of years before she realized she didn't really have a "Winnie-the-Pooh filling" at all.

By  Jasmeent11  |  15

What an ass!

By  niftyismybitch  |  21

Pay him in monopoly money..

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