By Anonymous - / Wednesday 26 February 2014 03:50 / United States - La Grange
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  happyevil  |  10

OP I don't think you really took the best course of action. You could have sat your babysitter down and told them what it looks like THEN shown her. She might not know what even one looks like so she can't read the situation.

  cryssycakesx3  |  22

nah they usually will just call back

  Beepbeep7  |  14

They do call back,however,if it's not legitimately an emergency then they can be fined and they would deserve.911 has enough emergencies going on without having people call just to 'teach a lesson'

  nix1993  |  37

They don't just fine people for calling 911, especially if you simply explain that someone misread a situation or it was a child. They fine you if you pretend there's an emergency and actually waste their time, it doesn't take too much time to apologise for someone ringing by mistake. My brother called 911 once because my parents were having sex and he thought they were 'being hurt', when I got the phone off him and apologised the operator said it was fine and actually said they prefer that children ring by mistake sometimes rather than not know what to do in an emergency.

  pitbull998  |  1

I am a 911 dispatcher. You do NOT get fined for accidentally calling 911, hanging up on a 911 call, or in this circumstance calling because you really think there is an emergency. When we get a 911 hang up we just call them back to make sure they are ok. If they think there is an emergency but there isn't they just explain the situation and that's it. I'm not sure where your getting your information, but that is very far from the truth. The ONLY way you can be fined for a 911 call is if one is hindering a call or making false reports. Just to clarify, making false reports is lying about an emergency, NOT just thinking there's an emergency when there isn't. Everyone makes mistakes and if I fined every person who called and hung up or was confused on wether or not there was an emergency... Good grief, it happens all the time.

  juturnaamo  |  29

Cops in Clarksville must be dicks. A good friend of mine was fined for calling 911 about a robbery (which happened while he wasn't home and was over before the police were called, so not an emergency I guess, though it's not like they could really know if the person was still in the house)

  juice723  |  9

Once when my brother was little, he just picked up the phone and started dialing random numbers; apparently he hit 911 and then hung up. Instead of calling back, the police showed up at my house and my mom had to explain the whole story. But they were understanding and did not fine us

  lexielou07  |  18

You don't get fined. My little sister called 911 when she was about 5 and then hung up. A couple cops came to the house to make sure everything was alright. They said that it happens a lot and it was no big deal and to make sure she knew that 911 was for emergencies. They didn't fine us.


I was just stating it from my experience. When my sister and I were aged 4 and 5 she called 911 by accident and hung up. The police showed up to my house and fined us for the inconvenience even we explained our story. Sorry if I offended anyone, I was just saying what i know. I made a mistake. My bad.

  dbt88  |  15

They wouldn't have been fined for calling; however, some municipalities charge for ambulances to show up. Where I work, a seizure is considered an ALS call and can run around $500 without transport. Maybe not the greatest way to teach somebody when to dial (but by all means, if somebody figures out a good way, teach adults first).

By  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

Let's pray you never have a seizure while you're watching her. She seems like she'd rather take advantage of your seizures than help you, depending on whether or not she understands what's happening, how severe it is, and what you need her to do. And maybe it's good she didn't actually call 911. Don't you get fined for things like that?

  Beepbeep7  |  14

It's better to know how to handle a seizure than to actually call 911,especially if that person is epileptic.The only time 911 is really needed is if that person gets injured during the seizure.

  FucYoCouch  |  13

#29, Actually, having a young kid call 911 during a seizure is best. When a person has a seizure, they need to be put on their side to avoid choking on spit and held there tightly enough to refrain from rolling to their backs but not so tight as to restrain their movements. Since a person's muscles tighten in seizures, they're incredibly strong. And since the kid seems too young to comprehend what was happening, even if it was just a test, I highly doubt she would be able to even get OP onto her side. As well, people can go into seizures consecutively. It is advised that A.) if a seizure lasts longer than five minutes, call 911 because they aren't getting oxygen and B.) if a person keeps going into seizures back to back, call as well because it is causing brain damage. OP was doing the right thing. It's better to be safe than sorry.

By  184886837272837  |  32

That's one smart kid. By the way OP I hear CBD is really good for treating seizures, maybe you should move to Colorado. Or at least order some from there, my friend was really sick and one of the symptoms was constant seizures. She managed to get some and it made her final days a lot easier. Good luck!

  BradTheBrony  |  19

#15: OP still probably had to teach their baby sister this because they have a disorder that causes seizures. I don't think this is the kind of thing you do "just in case."

By  provei  |  11

Why would you fake a serious condition to have someone call 911? That's illegal and takes away resources from people who need them.

  Drag0nb0rn  |  22

Why is this being thumbs downed? This is stupid why on earth would you fake a seizure to try and get someone to call 911 for you when you could teach them when it is and isn't appropriate to report an emergency.

  SammyS2012  |  21

Because it's one thing to tell a child what needs to be done, and another thing for the child to actually call if there were an emergency. children sometimes dont understand emergencies or freak out when one is happening, so the OP wanted to know the child was ready in case something happened. maybe OP regularly had seizures and wanted to know their sibling knew what to do in case of that happening. Whats wrong with that?

  provei  |  11

You guys are right. What was I thinking? Obviously she would have stopped her sister. And she has plenty of time to do so too because it takes awhile to dial those three numbers.

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