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OP here, the radio was, thankfully, in one of our sheds and I have now thrown it far, far away
By sadbuttru95 / Saturday 13 June 2015 21:20 / Denmark - Slagelse
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By  C_Celine_101  |  19

Kill them...if that were me I wouldn't even use that radio again (but that's just me I'm a pussy like that). But seriously how long has it been since you used it that spiders have come out?


Today, I learned that there's a colony of bats living inside my walls. The devices to prevent them from reentering are angering those remaining inside, and now I can hear them scuttling and screeching in almost every wall and ceiling in my house. FML

By BatIntoHell - / Friday 28 July 2017 03:21 / United States - Minneapolis
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