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I'm going to play devil's advocate here. Yes, it was a bit low of the OP to go behind his coworker's backs and write a review, but at the same time it could also be a good thing. Whistleblowers bring attention to dangerous business practices to the public, and/or shed some light on what actually happens behind the scenes.


I'll tell you right now, most restaurants, and I'm giving a few the benefit of the doubt, have awful practices. Somethings you wont mind, like sticking a finger in the food, sucking it off, adding a bit of seasoning and repeat with the same finger. Somethings such as not washing their hands at all. Even after using the toilet. Others such as a mouldy/rusty kitchen.


At my fast food job it's not uncommon to work 7 hours without a break, twice I've worked 8 without a break and a coworker worked 9. Also we have high schoolers that sometimes work until after 11 or midnight on school nights.

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There is no shortage of part-time, entry level positions available. Most of which do not pay the bills which indicates the op is not independent and doesn't necessarily need the job.

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