By poluxe / Sunday 16 October 2011 21:08 / France
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By  moviegirl6  |  5

Wow...that's just mean.

  fabian21  |  0

I somehow get the feeling he's hinting you belong in the kitchen..

  JenDanielle917  |  13

32- that's what OP was trying to say. Obliviouslyyy.

  SCREAM4meeee  |  0

I was being intentionally stupid. Some of you folks can be really fkn dumb.

  RA661  |  8

104, I can see it now...
" Honey, today is the happiest day of my life. I love you with all my heart."
Husband: "Me too."
Wife: "Hey, let's go get a washing machine."

By  YourDone6  |  8

grit ball time

  0opsie  |  6

I thought he meant she *didn't* need to be replaced, just like the washing machine. It sounds like he didn't go for it. He's either cheap or the washing machine works well enough.

  Shleebs  |  12

I think it could go either way. Depending on the inflection in his voice he could have meant "Well, I've had you for the same amount of time and you don't need to be replaced." or "New washer, new wife."

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

Btw, 39 - men have a larger hypothalamus which, to put it simply, means they're more impulsive and rely strongly on instinct; also the hypothalamus controls the fight or flight instinct, food and hunger (I think), and sex & reproduction (I know for sure), kinda sums up the male brain right? Exactly.
Women have a smaller hypothalamus, however it's right next to the pituitary gland which releases hormones like, oh idk, during our periods - hello PMS ^_^! but most of the time the smaller hypothalamus means we're less impulsive, as well I believe we May have a larger frontal lobe which deals with logic, problem solving, thinking, etc... It's part if the cerebrum with is the part of the brain used for higher thinking. So basically men are primal and impulsive sex and food addicts and women are intelligent, calculating reason, logic, and intelligence based beings (again, except for when our pituitary glands are murdering our hypothalamuses, a.k.a. The Ares of the brain >.

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

- btw this is all due to one simple fact, back in primal times (early human times, before civilization and higher brain function) the men had to hunt and the women had to raise the young. Hunting requires fast reflexes and instinct and child rearing requires intellect and creativity. See?

  Marcella1016  |  26

I agree with 53. They've been married how long and she still needs to "hint around" about needing new major appliances? Come on.

Unless she's a house wife who stands around making him sandwiches all day, just say, "Herbert, we need a new washer." It's not that hard.

By the way, I'm female myself. And life is so much easier when things are straight to the point.


39 and 68- I lurk on the comments all the time and never really comment because I never feel the need! However, Im so tired of the "my gender rules your gender drools" argument! Good lord both sides of the argument are unbearable! Men who claim we are the superior sex and that women are "frail" or "indecisive" are bigots unable to deal with change and women who think men are "sex driven violent morons" (I think I summed up your ideas nicely) are feminist extremists with an extreme superiority complex. Seriously, both sexes have strengths and weaknesses so let's just leave it at that. I'm tired of people who have to share their ignorance with the world.
/end crazed rant

  eeppiicc  |  8

Thank you 95. Women who think they are so much smarter then men annoy me. For example Albert Einstein: man, smart, doesn't pms and Is extremely smart. Now girl who said men are sex drove morons think of a women as smart as Albert Einstein.

  eeppiicc  |  8

I never said women weren't smart. I just get annoyed when someone pulls the "women are smarted card". I also never said men are smarter and I wouldn't be human of I didn't make mistakes. But I would like to know what I misspellings I have in my comment because I do try to read over them and make sure I was able to spell each word correctly. By me posting that first comment I was just trying to prove what she said wrong about men being sex drove morons so please don't take my comment the wrong way.


Humor does seem to be a lost art; however, it has probably been like this forever. Try making that joke a hundred years ago and no one would laugh either; washing machines didn't exist back then.

By  irokyoursox  |  6

It was a joke do you really think he married you to get a washing machine

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