By Anonymous / Tuesday 6 December 2011 21:01 / United States
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Well it's 2011, WTF u was expecting him to get thierry with his slide, Santa is a human too and he should do what he pleases

  zombicidal  |  11

happy Hanukkah because not everyone on this site celebrates Christmas (joyous Kwanzaa everyone)

  TokinUp  |  6

7 days, 7 gifts as I recall. Menwhile every Christmas theres a large pile of presents eaiting under the tree to be opened together with family. Best holiday, especially when Skyrim's involved!

By  permannator  |  10

Just wait until he tells all his friends at school..


I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter.


You people are idiots. Every last one of you.

  cosmosis  |  12

Time for me to chime in... Yep we are all idiots as seen through the eyes of a fool!! Sorry darl, but im pretty sure you just possibly made yourself look like the biggest idiot on the internet.

  CryMoreFMLs  |  14

My IQ dropped to below mentally retarded while reading comments from sportsgirl. I had to headbang a wall to put my beyond retarded brain cells out of their misery.

Then I got a brain transplant, for 30$ in the back of a crusty old van.

By  head2133  |  12

Haha that sucks

By  TeamDazu  |  5

I wonder what was your son's reaction. (cough) (cough)

By  Strafeh  |  9

I agreed with the 5st comment.

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