By still had to pay - / Sunday 23 December 2012 21:36 / Australia
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Sarcasm was heavily implied, 31.

  Beeftinkle  |  13

The only people that make comments like 23 are the people that wouldn't be able to ever get a girl like that even if they paid.

  insertnameherr  |  11

lol 23 that's funny but I promise they are real. parents would never let me get work done

  insertnameherr  |  11

but no matter what I say no one will believe me. This is the Internet after all.

  hamrtym  |  15

Arguing real vs fake is getting us nowhere. I know it can be a dangerous conclusion. That's why I am volunteering myself to be the official tester. Yes I will put my life on the line for the truth! I will report back in a few days. If you don't hear from me... get out before it's too late. May god be with us all.

By  Lennes  |  12

Some people. It's disappointing.

By  ICastillo  |  24

You should have told him he is getting ready for Christmas and its his brother taking his place.

By  bwzwally8  |  15

She's a killer she just killed Santa.

By  ksks1234  |  33

Sorry you had to deal with a rude kid. Tell your child that kid was naughty, so he is mad at Santa. Then, tell your kid the dept. store Santa works for the real one.

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