By FML - / Friday 2 October 2015 21:45 / United States - Oak Lawn
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I honestly don't understand why people just can't grasp when to keep their mouths shut. Not having a switch between "hanging out with friends behavior" and "visiting partner's parents behavior" is a huge issue. The only excuse for that is if the person has a mental disorder that makes appropriate social interactions hard to distinguish between.


Is OP his girlfriend or his mother? OP'S boyfriend should WANT to make a good impression with the parents, not have to promise to be on their best behavior before hand like a little kid going to a birthday party.

Kicked out by your parents or the restaurant? Big difference! But as for your boyfriend's comment...neither the time not the place, no matter how apt a response it may have been


Well if that's the case, at least they got (most of?) a free meal. But who knows, they could be laughing about this story at their wedding reception in a few years

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