By dumped - / Sunday 23 August 2015 10:22 / United States - Atlanta
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  musoboy  |  22

FYL OP. I'm getting so tired of all these so called friends ruining OPs' lives because they thought it would be "funny" to [blank]. I'm sorry to hear of your trials.

  Luluthus  |  41

If she didn't believe that the friend did it, she is hardly going to belive that it was a misspelling. Especially since he already gave a different explanation.

  sunnyray812  |  31

I would have to say that OP's life sucks and that he also deserved it. It wasn't any of his friend's business to know what happens in the relationship. Problems are meant for only those involved, so they can solve it. Bringing someone else into the issue is basically asking for more trouble. I know this through experience. I did the same thing once. I told a guy friend (now my ex-friend) about certain relationship issues I had with my boyfriend. He then threatened and harassed my boyfriend and his family. I was almost broken up with. They were so pissed at the both of us. Why were they pissed at me, too? Because I brought someone else into the picture who had no business being involved. I deserved the anger toward me. OP, let this be a lesson learned. Relationship issues are only for the ones involved.

  ThatOneChick856  |  35

#55- That's a stupid thing to believe. Yeah, it's a bad idea to try to bring someone else in to solve the problem for you, but you don't know if that's what happened in this FML. Maybe OP wanted to vent his anger to someone not involved so he could avoid making situation with his girlfriend worse. Maybe OP's friend said something like "hey, where's [girlfriend]? I thought you two where hanging out today?" And op simply explained that they were fighting. It's healthy and sometimes very necessary to let out negative feelings to someone not involved. Just because you were friends with an asshole/psychopath who broke your trust doesn't mean it's something you should always avoid.

By  johnredbeerd  |  7

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By  YourOpinionSucks  |  22

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  Morning_fml  |  22

Lol I feel like your comments contradict your username, #11. It's perfectly fine to share personal issues with your friends as long as they're trustworthy. There's a limit to what you should & shouldn't share.

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