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By  djspazy  |  0

How is this an FML? He's telling you not to worry about your weight. What did you want him to say? "Yes you are right, you are fat now." Be happy that he likes you for who you are.

By  Bhetti  |  0

And you're upset because you think you're fat, and have found a male in the 0.01% (or something) who apparently likes 'fat girls'? Did you look in the mirror and check your weight and body mass index? Only his opinion gave you the enlightenment and changed your mind? FYL: for having zero self-awareness & having all self-esteem wrapped in boyfriend who still thinks you're pretty. Or is just not bothering to look. Or is sweet enough to 'not notice anything'.

By  Jabulls  |  0

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  hannaaaahr  |  33

Excuse me? Because I am a girl it's in my nature to trap men and ask if they think I'm fat? Thats just stupid, just because some women do so to be more secure doesn't mean that every girl does it. Nevertheless I agree with you on the 'OP deserves it' part. If you are so insecure about being fat, LOOSE SOME FUCKING WEIGHT!

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