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Lol I did that last year at my boyfriend's house but it was a ramen noodle cup soup. Oh so embarrassing :)

YDI. If she's obviously not old enough to know that, you should be supervising her making it. Thus taking control when you see she hasn't followed the instructions.

wow you def need to keep an eye on her. not saying it's your fault but definitley pay attention while she is cooking and whatnot.


She said it was her little sister, not her child; it's not really her job to supervise her. It sounds like she might have been asleep or busy when it happened, and her little sister just decided to try and cook when no one was paying attention. Her parents should have been around...

My brother did that once with a Ramen Cup. He almost burned the house down, and it smelled funny for about a week. Sorry, I know how you feel. ^_~

my little brother did the same exact thing... Here's a tip: use non acetone nail polish to clean the yellow layer of burnt crap off of the inside of the microwave

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