By Anonymous / Monday 22 December 2014 16:27 / United Kingdom - Birmingham
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Not as bad as when I was so tired after a hike, that I sat down in the passenger seat of a completely different car. Needless to say, I was greeted with a look of silent horror by the guy relaxing in the driver seat. Sometimes, shit happens.

  CoGhostRider  |  31

Maybe OP isn't the most observant but look at the bright side, blondes have more fun.

By  iwanttogotoparis  |  26

Oh my gosh, that's strange, haha

By  biasedshooter  |  24

Who calls it a number plate?

  Ergon_Talfo  |  16

I know it's called a licence plate...

By  amadeclton  |  25

Do you believe in magic?

  Allison_leah23  |  17

I hope you're joking #12.

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