By nomorefreehugs / Monday 27 June 2011 23:34 / United States
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  pwincessa23  |  1

never hug s person with a free hugs sign! they're creepy!


And his chode boner turned you on, right? Be honest with yourself, OP.

  agummere796  |  0

if your the first freaking poster, why the hell would you just say 'hahahahahaha'??? wth!

By  karinabeby  |  0

that's disgusting.

By  iamyourmum  |  1

oh that's gross

By  rockindyl22  |  0

Does 'hugs' mean 'boner' in New Jersey? If so, I think I found your problem...


screw you new jersey is not what tv makes it out to be

  JesusFishTaco  |  5

Aw man, now I feel obligated to defend NJ since I live there, but I know that all that'll happen is that a bunch of jokes will stem from my defense. So instead, ladies and gentlemen, Conway Twitty.

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