By Anonymous / Saturday 16 July 2011 05:38 / Canada
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  OWNZ  |  0

Sounds like a real keeper! Now LET THE BLONDE JOKES BEGIN!!!

  OWNZ  |  0

27- i know! Im dissapointed in you people! I figured it would be a perfect set up for some awesome blond jokes...

  nicobington  |  1

number 12 i see what you did there

  BlackOpsPWNR  |  0

your thins ups(143 right now) say iloveyou

By  Xx_Dakota_xX  |  1

LOL. btw Congrats (:

  MrSassypants  |  31

What if she was flapping her hands around being so happy that she could finally say no and lead to a break-up because she doesn't want to be with OP anymore? What if she was trying to fly away? Meh.

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