Today, I proposed to my girlfriend. She was so happy that she began flapping her hands around and screaming. She was flapping her hands so hard she smacked herself in the face and started crying. FML

By Anonymous / Saturday 16 July 2011 05:38 / Canada
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  OWNZ  |  0

Sounds like a real keeper! Now LET THE BLONDE JOKES BEGIN!!!

  OWNZ  |  0

27- i know! Im dissapointed in you people! I figured it would be a perfect set up for some awesome blond jokes...

  nicobington  |  1

number 12 i see what you did there

  BlackOpsPWNR  |  0

your thins ups(143 right now) say iloveyou

By  Xx_Dakota_xX  |  1

LOL. btw Congrats (:

  MrSassypants  |  31

What if she was flapping her hands around being so happy that she could finally say no and lead to a break-up because she doesn't want to be with OP anymore? What if she was trying to fly away? Meh.

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