By girlthatstoofat - / Thursday 29 October 2009 17:28 / United States
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You are being much, much too hard on yourself. After all, how do you know he was not talking about some OTHER fat-ass, jelly-doughnut, bulbous, lard-oozing, carbuncle-encrusted-legs, pizza-faced, waddling, unbathed, snot-dripping, skank ho?


how is he a douche? Because he stated something relevant to the person he was talking to? I would have probably said the same thing to my friend and lol'd. I hate it how some people are so quick to make judgments like that. It would have been a lot worse if he was like "I saw someone that looked a lot like you...except much skinnier." That would have been messed up.

" You looked better on myspace" applies to this. Odds are, if a girl has a photo album and its all of her face?..shes a chunky monkey. I like how some people try to get away with using old pictures too, like their extra 50 pounds isnt going to be evident in real life. psh.


I never learned how to do them, lol. I was one of the ones that learned if you post the ugliest pictures of yourself, people say, "omg, you look so much better than your pics!" lmfao


I knew a girl who used old pictures of herself whenever she sent anyone a photo of herself. She was at one time thin, but then she ballooned after graduation and still used pictures of herself from 3+ years ago. And she was a BITCH. Grrr.

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