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Like I said, he doesn't have any sort of disease, he was calling to make sure that the form he was sending in had my name on it the exact same why my license has my name, and he said, " ______ is spelled with one L?" Also, he's not an idiot and is the best father anyone could ask for. He just wasn't thinking and I was having a fairly crappy day in the first place. So it made it a bit more noticeable.
By crimson28 - / Sunday 7 March 2010 08:18 / United States
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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Maybe he has her programmed under a nickname. My uncle nearly missed the moment of my cousin's graduation because he was waiting for them to announce "Cookie" since that is what everyone has called her since she was born.

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YDI for having a phone


Today my neighbor's asked me to feed their two horses while they go on vacation for a month. I happily agreed. As they were getting in the car to drive off, they added, "Oh, and water the plants!" They have six acres. FML

By C8H18 / Wednesday 29 June 2016 05:11 / United States

Today, I was feeling generous, so I made my roommate's favorite meal for her when she got home. When she did return home, she flipped her shit for no reason, screaming that she would pee on everything I love. Considering our history, I'm going to start checking my things for urine. FML

By sniperkit - / Tuesday 26 February 2013 00:44 / United States - Traverse City
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