By anonymous / Saturday 18 February 2012 22:07 / United States
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By  kmccain  |  27

And that's why I have an android


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  Feklfekl2222  |  32

I have had my iPhone 4 for a year and a half with absolutely no problems so FMLs like this make me wonder if these people use their phones as cricket balls or something.

  48Connor  |  10

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  alexicanaaa  |  7

I know right. If you have an iPhone the first thing you should do is get a case. Cause they're such thin phones they're bound to break when you drop them. I bought a defender case and it works perfectly. It even protected it from fingernail polish remover. Hahaha.

  ClassyCommando  |  13

My rich friend's Android unlocks when he smiles at it. OP's iPhone does when OP gives it a mean look. The iPhone 4S has a sarcastic assistant built in. I miss the good old days, when our phones weren't so damn emotional.

  Jaxx66  |  21

Not sure. When I got the first gen. iPhone I broke the screen twice, had to get it repaired four times cause it would randomly make a very loud 20min/till the battery died screeching, over a two year period. I have the iPhone 4 now and never broke the screen or had any problems. So I don't know what you are doing to yours... Is it afraid of you?

By  darien987  |  1

Now that youve realized this, buy a different phone

By  skatercody696  |  0

*rubs forehead twice*


Today, I went out to get some medication and left my dog in the house because it was raining. When I returned, I found the tattered remains of video game cases scattered all over my living room floor. Most of them were limited editions that I'd been borrowing from my brother. FML

By girlsncomics - / Friday 28 April 2017 18:10 /
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