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56 - I would love to tenderize you ;) wow that sounded hella creepy haha OP - I think you should just get some friends and not tell your parents about them. That way, you can just have fun when you're "grounded"


Yeah same.... But after like half an hour my dad gives me my iPhone back because I need a phone for 'safety reasons' LOL. As for my laptop I need it 'for homework' hahaha


Because it's an addictive game that turns kids into recluses. It turns adults into them too. I know a guy who never leaves his house, refuses to work, makes his girlfriend do EVERYTHING for him, because he's so addicted. He won't even go out to dinner with her because he may have a mission or whatever the eff it's called. I'm sorry but that is PATHETIC. Did you know they even have REHAB for this now? It falls under audio visual addiction. My brother went. WOW kids... It is NOT NORMAL to have

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