By Anonymous - / Saturday 1 March 2014 08:30 / Australia
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  ChenEighty  |  20

I, for one, thought it was a great compliment!

  jojimugo  |  19

Ohh I get it #27, If you make someone feel self conscious and insecure especially someone you haven't seen in a long time, that qualifies as a compliment

By  yeti37  |  16

Your cutting wit got you in trouble.

  jnanderson  |  16

It was quite a hairy situation

  vipirius  |  18

It was a *** situation puns should be banned.

By  Zwingend  |  15

Dick move, OP. But I'd say it is recoverable, just tell them you lost your manners since you've seen them last and laugh it off.

By  paigexox0  |  37



Have you never seen something so shocking that it stuns you so that words just come out before your brain can recover?

It could have been a really horrific hair cut. Like a mullet with purple highlights, or worse

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