By 303 / Thursday 5 July 2012 20:24 / United States - Houston
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  brt3420  |  13

I worked for a car dealership for over a year as well I worked in and around repair shops for that year time as well, and with every car that came through the door they'd test battery life, the fuel is your fault. If you can't maintain proper veichal maintance then don't drive.

By  twizzy2011  |  5

Perhaps you should invest in a bicycle my friend.

  rhaemese  |  9

Oh yes, because he could have... Ohh I see. Ok disregard the somewhat hostility. No the heat in Texas is absolutely horrible. Its best to have a car.

  coldashell  |  23

10, Texas is really not that hot. As a kid in Texas, I rode my bike thousands of miles each summer. Don't see the big deal.


"Thousands of miles"?? For some reason I doubt the accuracy of your statement. Also, children have a higher tolerance for heat. The glands that cause adults to sweat heavily in certain places (armpits etc) don't develop until adolescence.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Who keeps a spare battery? And who keeps spare gas? Unless its a working truck or something. The spare gas isnt safe in a regular car at all. Especially if it's in a sealed trunk in the heat. Bad idea.

  horneyhic  |  15

Or he brought it in empty and when they whent to test drive it they used up the last of wat was in there as for the battery unless that wat he brought it in for as long as it started for them they wouldn't check that

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