By Anonymous - / Tuesday 13 December 2011 05:14 / United States
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Why on earth would you try and move an aquarium that is leaking from the base???? First of all you should remove the water whenever you move an aquarium, but if it is leaking from the base is it not common sense to NOT MOVE IT??? Let me think...it's cracked at it's base...if I pick it up all the support the base is gaining from whatever stand it's on goes away...yeah, I'll just pick it up when its still full of crap and water, nothing bad is gonna happen right??? I mean 5 gallons of water + all


It doesn't say it sent the fish flying to the floor. I'm hoping she put them in another container before she tried picking up a faulty aquarium.


A 5g is the smallest tank you can get, and it still weighs over 50lb when full. Water weighs 10lbs per gallon, it adds up fast. That would be why when first setting up you're told a) make sure your tank is level, otherwise it will stress the joins, leak, and eventually bust a seam and b) never, ever try to move a filled fish tank. You can't even NUDGE a 5g when it's completely full, let alone pick it up and move it. Even discounting the weight, the entire thing is too unwieldy to maneuver, and g

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