By esbemebe1113 - / Wednesday 27 March 2013 21:12 / United States
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Hi, this is OP. I loved all of your comments and read every single one. I couldn't believe this got on the site! Thanks to number #22: I loved you're comment and made me feel loads better. I love that everyone was so understanding. What's strange is that although I am a painfully awkward, I usually just get really red when I have to talk to the class. Thankfully I have a lot of good friends in real life to comfort me. (and a few new internet ones!) Thanks for finding my life entertaining!


All though this isn't as bad as the FML where the new lawyer says "the prostitution rests", it is still pretty embarassing. I feel your pain, OP, considering my public speaking skills are about as good as a tree's.


I HATE public speaking. I shake, sweat, feel a lump in my throat and am always on the verge of tears. It's the worst feeling ever. I'd much rather laugh hysterically than get what I do, but still. I feel you, OP.


Public speaking sucks. I'm opposite from OP though. If I see people bored while I'm speaking I'm sure they're not paying attention so I feel less nervous since no one is technically observing me completely. It helps a lot to think this way.

Well, now you can think about becoming a psychology major in college and do a presentation about why presentations are awkward and be able to draw from personal experience.


I know what you guys mean I hate standing in front of my class too. You feel like everyone is just staring even if they are not. I get really red then everyone is really staring.

It's okay, it happens to most people. I, for one, stutter, laugh and leave out words to the extent that my speech no longer makes sense...

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