By Paul Williams / Friday 24 June 2011 19:17 / United States
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By  girl14  |  0

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  hutch66  |  13

I totally agree. I know how breaking your tailbone feels. it kinda sucks you'll be out for the rest of the season but it will get better. good luck!

  cnastydawg  |  0

I hate when I fall on my ass the pad in the pants doesn't even help it makes it worse. people that don't know what it feels like, if you fall hard enough you can almost black out.

By  max_wilder  |  9

did it hurt?

By  EliseAqua  |  0

FYL! My friend has a fracture in her tailbone. It's a nasty place to hurt yourself because it hurts to stand, sit, or lie down. I hope you heal quickly and that you will be back on the ice as soon as possible!

By  TaylorTotsYumm  |  10

Maybe hockey's just not your sport. Klutz.

By  ipwnlosers  |  4

I like the way you think.

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