By Anonymous - / Sunday 3 June 2012 05:50 / United States - Egg Harbor Township
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  BunchieRules  |  31

Actually, I think this is getting rather interesting. I'd keep going, but I'm running out of ideas... anything I say at this point would probably sound completely retarded :/

  BunchieRules  |  31

How about this: Stapleman, who shoots staples out of his hands instead of webs! Then, he pushes the easy button every time his mission is complete? Yeah, I should probably stop now.

  KM96  |  24

Too many cartoons when you were young?

  AliceLockehart  |  18

Heheheheh.. Edward Staple Feet. I giggled so much my boyfriend woke up & looked at me funny.

By  YaboyVinnie  |  17

Running around in circles now?

By  flugiboogee  |  9

I hope you did it absent minded cos if you did that thinking it was going to end well, then you're pretty fookin' stupid.

By  GogoTheGreat  |  10

Unless stapling is a stapler ever the right idea?

  BunchieRules  |  31

I think if Doc were here, he would use his translator. But I'll give it a shot: "Is a stapler ever the right idea?" But I believe a better translation would be: "A stapler should never be misused on the feet or any other body parts. Its appropriate purpose is for organizing papers only." Yes, my translator is that complex.

  MizzErikaHart  |  8

Being retarded doesn't make you disabled... There is a difference


56- Yes it does? Like 59 said, disabled is a very broad statement. It can mean physically disabled, as well as mentally disabled. And mental retardation is an example of being mentally disabled. Just because you don't have a physical handicap doesn't mean you're not disabled.


If you go to Thailand they ped-egg your foot for you, and your foot is practically raw. I know that sounds painful and it is for the first few days but you don't have serious foot itches like OP here.

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