By AlwaysAwkward / Monday 3 March 2014 02:30 / United States - Strongsville
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By  metallica_wins  |  20

She's probably experienced it before. Don't worry about it.

  ohSNAPyall  |  26

* massage therapist

Many people in this profession try to avoid the sometimes skeavy connotations associated with the older word "masseuse."

  mudkipsan  |  19

#35 - In many states, there's a significant difference between the two, legally. In Ohio especially, massage therapists are regulated by the state medical board, while anybody can be a masseuse. (And when did masseuse become a skeevy word? Maybe among skeevy people.)

  amerw32  |  8

Yea, I agree. You can easily get massage and message mixed up.

By  Nilorak  |  24

Touch me touch me I wanna feel your body.

  maarten82  |  2

This. A friend of mine had a pretty successful small business as an independent masseuse, but had to quit because she couldn't cope with the constant stream of men with, uhm, extra expectations. This was even though she was *very* explicit (both in promotional material and in real life) there would be *no* erotic element. Depressing.

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