By tony1401 / Tuesday 2 February 2010 16:00 / United States
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By  SemiRetarded  |  0

Ouch. Thanks for the constant reminder Amazon. I can't believe all the shitty comments people make over someones spelling mistakes. THANKS FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY!!!!

By  Zills  |  0

why would u get something for your ex ydi

unless your implying she stole your credit card fyl

  repyourcliche  |  0

sarcasm is the lowest form of wit only to those who have never mastered the art, and those who always fall victim to it. the lowest form of wit is actually reputedly the pun - or as some wag said, "the bun is the lowest form of wheat".

#30: hahahahaha, aw my god.


stfu the Internet is about trying to type as much as u can in as little time, not freaking essays. we're not stupid we just really don't care about spelling or shit on FML comments

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