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He is asking someone out with a note? Did it have a place for you to circle "yes" or "no"? Hella lame.

Haha, I've had that happen to me. But it was just a middle school dance so I didn't care. Sucks anout the disappointment though.

Did he even apologize? What a jerk! He's not even smart enough to put his pansy ass note in the right locker. You can do better, sweetie! :D

ahahaha what an idiot.... i agree w/ all these comments.. looks don't matter the most.. at all - what's inside does.

I got a love letter in high school that was SO compassionate and sexy. He found out that I had switched lockers with a friend of mine, and felt like telling me in front of all of my friends that the letter was definitely not for me. Don't feel bad, haha. High school is awful, but everything after gets so much better.

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