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  amazinggbaby  |  2

Most people want to ask the person in a unique way, I think her idea was thoughtful. soo that's probably why she wrote on his car and he shouldn't have been mad about that ...

  terranada  |  3

r u retarded?? guys love their cars more than they love their penises! YDI for being a stupid loser!

By  jaxx11  |  0

burn! lol ...and she probably wrote it with window chalk (which does not come off easily at all) i would be pissed and say no too

By  zoecakes  |  0

I agree with #4. You didn't need to write all over his car. However, if the boy really liked you, he wouldn't have cared and would have said yes. So, your life is fucked because the boy isn't into you but you deserved it for writing all over his car (like really.. he's a guy.... don't mess with his car).


Today, my family is flying to Hawaii for a longed-for holiday. Well, my husband and children are; I'm in a hospital bed awaiting surgery on kidney stones that I never knew I had. Hopefully they'll send me a postcard. FML

By Drover7 - / Thursday 7 April 2016 23:26 / Australia - Padstow
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