By Anonymous - / Monday 25 January 2010 18:17 / United States
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By  FML_King09  |  0


Im sorry but wow

  polarbare  |  0

Everyone knows that Luigi is a pimp and has been banging the princess this whole time. Better traction or not, if OP were pretending to be Luigi all woulda worked out fine!

By  jcrook  |  0

There's roughly a 1:5 ratio of 'I agree, your life sucks' to 'you totally deserved it'. Whaaa? From what we know, how the fuck did the guy deserve it?

  lexie206  |  0

He deserved it because in my opinion it sounds like he tried slipping on purpose, trying out something he saw on a video game. people should have common sense and know video games ARE NOT REAL

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