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40, you sure are defensive. Did someone call you fat recently? Good thing you came here then, because I have just the solution - stop being fat. In before you attack my (lack of) picture instead of accepting that you're angry for the reason I have stated. Calm down :)


what is 32 talking about? is she correcting 34? but she's number 32 . . . so she's correcting future comments? well anyways i think the cat fight is silly and should be stopped, but its too entertaining. so yeah keep it up


58, I meant "23" but instead typed "34" due to my divided attention and lack of sleep at the time. It's not that hard to comprehend. Anyways, the person I was addressing understood what I meant and it's really all that matters.


marinus is cute his comment was funny! I happen to love his picture and who know the red balloon could be for 99 of them. 40 get over your self! I thought army men had better standards! I mean really are you twelve?


I love how abc, who isn't even confident enough about their appearance to post a picture is trying to rip on two attractive people but really is only succeeding in making themselves look like a total retard.

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By  Herox

that sucks but i cant say that aint funny. im sry sweetie (comfort word i use) that sucks but funny. youll find a guy one day dont give up XD

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