By Spanishredhead - / Saturday 3 October 2009 10:31 / United States
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By  firepowahhx90  |  0

Now I'm not saying I'm gay, but I can't stand tits.

  Unregistered  |  0

Wow! your life is totally over somebody was checking you out! ! ! ! ! How will you go on living? Maybe you should go sign in to a Eye Rape Clinic since obviously those men visually assaulted you by staring at your breasts. Hmmmm I wonder if there was an fml with 3 spanish woman talking about a guys nice ass. . . I wonder how the fem-nazi's would respond to that

By  No_fyl_cuz_ydi  |  0

who cares guys talk about boobs in any language get over it


YES! this is exactly what i was going to say. i speak a few different languages enough to understand what people are saying, and i absolutely love to hear people talking about me thinking i wont understand..then i just respond back to them in their language with a big smile on my face. the look on their face is always priceless.

By  VD007  |  0

YDI for having fine rack, ma'am.

By  wickedsmart  |  0

You should have took off. Your clothes and rolled on the floor. Then masterbate till you cum and let them all stick their Mexican dicks in you

By  yowzerz  |  5

You didn't have to stand there and smile, at least one of them had to know english, so even if you couldn't say in spanish, "I know you're talking about my tits, stop or I'll have you thrown out," you could definitely say it in english.

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