By uvagirl / Friday 5 July 2013 01:32 / United States
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  cathyfang1533  |  12

It probably wasn't difficult for her to chug all of it as she cries over her master's degree while hugging one of her many cats... Uh I mean how could she? I've certainly never done anything of that sort...c'mere Mr. Tiger, mama needs some sugar...

By  cottoncandymango  |  17

Well now you don't have to worry about moving/taking care of that stuff!

  cathyfang1533  |  12

Screw clothes, what if OP left her laptop or iPad or iPhone?! I can go naked, but I can't live without the Internet! Oh dear god, the nightmares! The terrifying nightmares! *Hyperventilates*

  thewife5  |  19

Maybe the OP was the bad roommate and left her stuff laying around the apartment she no longer lives in for weeks maybe. We don't know. She should of had a conversation with her roommate about how long she planned in storing her stuff in her old apartment.

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